ThreadBot is founded and maintained by Eddie, Scott and Matt

Eddie, a once world renowned black hat computer hacker, gave up taking down big banks for selling T-Shirts.

It is said that Scott was an elf task master, reporting directly to the real life Santa Claus. His mission was once to perfect the art of toy making, but now he's given that all up for making T-Shirts. 

Matt just kinda showed up. 

After slogging through one too many random fandom Tee sites with thousands of just "ok" designs, they realized the world needed something else. It needed their individual talents to Voltron together to create the best T-Shirt site in all the internet. A more tasteful and just plain cooler experience. 

Their hope is that you love the designs that they find and make, at least enough to buy a couple of them....or all of them. 

So please like our Facebook Page and Follow our Instagram and Twitter so you can stay up on the latest designs.

The collection might be small now but we're adding new stuff all the time.

Plus, it's not the size of your collection that matters it's how you stock it.